About Ken Hom

The Master Of Asian Cuisine

Ken Hom OBE is a Chinese-American chef, author, and television host for BBC-TV as well as many others. He is recognized as one of the world's leading experts in authentic Chinese and Asian cooking. In 2009 Ken was awarded Officer of the Order of the British Empire for service to the Culinary Arts and honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Chopsticks event. Over 8 million of Ken Hom Wok's (one of the oldest branded cookware in the world) have been sold worldwide to happy customers thanks in part to Ken's intent on high quality and functional product.

Many people ask me what my most used item in the kitchen is. My answer is always the same - the Wok - simply because that's really all you need.

ken hom asian stir fry master chef
Non-Stick / Carbon Steel

Classic Range

The Ken Hom Classic Range of Carbon Steel Woks combines practicality with ease of use. With a wide range of size and material options, the Classic Range is the perfect way to introduce home cooks to the art, methods and flavours of Asian cooking.

Carbon steel woks offer excellent heat conduction and are therefore great for high heat, high speed cooking - essential elements for stir-frying.

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Non-Stick / Carbon Steel

Excellence Range

Ken Hom is passionate about using high quality cookware and accessories to help maximize the potential of any dish. The Excellence Range has been developed to withstand the intense heat required for stir fry cooking. These woks also deliver high performance technology that enhances the cooking experience with superior non-stick surfaces.

These woks represent the very best-in-class within my cookware range. The non-stick coating is superb, it heats up faster and needs less oil. Stir-fry cooking has never been easier! I love them and I'm sure you will too.

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