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Frequently Asked Questions

Use and Care instructions

  • For first time use simply wash the wok with a mild detergent and rinse with water. Wipe dry with a paper towel or cloth.
  • The wok may be used on all hob types including induction.
  • If used on a glass-topped hob do not slide the wok over the glass surface as this can lead to scratching damage.
  • To prevent overbalancing always place the wok centrally over the trivet.
  • Do not leave the item unattended whilst cooking.
  • Provided the oil in the wok is smoking and the food sizzles, there is no need to turn the heat up any higher. (Olive oil is not recommended, as this will burn quicker than vegetable based oils.) Move the food continuously to ensure it all comes in contact with the base of the wok.
  • If the food becomes dry and sticks together whilst being cooked, do not add more oil. One or two tablespoons of water will achieve the same results and prevent the food from becoming oily.
  • To achieve maximum efficiency match up the correct size heating plate/ring to the size of the base.
  • Should the items become severely overheated turn off the cooker and leave to cool before removing from the hob. 
  • Take care not to place the handle over direct heat or a naked flame.
  • If the handle of the wok becomes loose, please retighten before use.
  • This Wok is metal tool suitable, however, to prolong the life of the coating, it is recommended that excessive use of sharp implements is avoided. For best results, use wooden or plastic utensils.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Clean the wok with hot water and a mild detergent. The wok can be left to soak in the event of any burnt food. Do not use metal scouring pads, as they will damage the non-stick coating.
  • The wok may be used in a dishwasher, however it is advisable to take the wok out of the dishwasher once the dishwasher cycle is complete and dry it thoroughly using a soft cloth.
  • A wok left to dry naturally, or that is left for a period of time in damp conditions may stain or discolor, therefore always dry thoroughly before storage.
  • Any wooden/bamboo accessories must not be placed in a dishwasher.

For woks with a glass lid please read the following:

  • If the handle on the wok lid becomes loose, please retighten before use.
  • Clean the wok lid with hot water and a mild detergent. The lid can be left to soak in the event of any burnt-on food.
  • Do not use any abrasive on the glass lid and ensure that it does not become scratched as this can lead to breakage.
  • The glass lid may be placed in a dishwasher, however it is advisable to take it out of the dishwasher once the dishwasher cycle is complete and dry it thoroughly using a soft cloth.
  • A glass lid left to dry naturally, or that is left for a period of time in damp conditions may stain or discolor, therefore always dry thoroughly before storage.

How should I season my wok?

  1. Wash the Wok: Use a steel scrubbing pad and dish soap to remove the coating that comes with the unseasoned woks. Rinse with HOT water.
  2. Dry the Wok: Dry the wok thoroughly to prevent rusting by placing it over low heat for 1 to 2 minutes until no water droplets are visible. 
    * Make sure your kitchen is well ventilated before continuing the seasoning process.
  3. Heat the Wok: Place wok on stove burner and set on high. To test heat of wok flick water into the wok. Your wok is ready to begin seasoning when flicked water droplets evaporates within 1 to 2 seconds.
  4. Take off Heat, Add Oil: Remove the wok from the heat. Once the wok has cooled for a few minutes add 2 tablespoons of oil. Swirl oil to coat the bottom and all the sides.
  5. Add Aromatics: Place wok back on the heat and add scallions and ginger.
  6. Reduce Heat & Stir-fry: Turn to medium heat and smear the aromatics all around for 15-20 minutes. (If wok becomes too dry add 1 tablespoon of oil).
  7. Cool & Wash: Let your wok cool, discarding all aromatics and rinse with hot water.
  8. Dry Wok: Set on low heat for 1 to 2 minutes until no water droplets are visible.
  9. Your Wok is Ready.

What material is the Ken Hom Wok made of?

Carbon steel which offers great heat conduction making it ideal for high heat, high speed cooking - essential elements for stir-frying.

What is a phenolic handle?

This handle has controlled conductivity, preventing excessive heat transfer.

Do these woks have a non-stick surface?

Yes, the non-stick surface is a hard-wearing coating from Whitford, one of the most trusted in the industry. To enhance the longevity of the non-stick coating, it is recommended that wooden, silicone or nylon tools be used. Metal utensils that can scratch should be avoided. Should the coating become scratched, it is highly recommended that a thin coating of cooking oil be applied to the inner surface of the wok to prevent further rusting.

Can my wok go inside the oven?

No, it is not recommended to put your Ken Hom wok into an oven or grill, due to the handle material. Ken Hom Woks are suitable for cooking on gas, electric and ceramic ovens / stovetops

My handle has become loose, why is this?

The handle is detachable, simply align the notches at the base then twist the metal end clockwise.

Can I use metal tools in my wok?

Woks are not metal tool safe, we recommend, wooden or silicone tools.

How do I clean my wok cookware?

To clean, hand wash with hot water and mild detergent if desired. Do not use scouring powder, abrasives or metal scourers as they may damage the non-stick coating. Thoroughly dry with a clean cloth. Do not place Ken Hom Classic Woks in the dishwasher. Ken Hom Excellence Woks are dishwasher safe.

How can I save my wok from scratching my induction hub?

If you wish to shake the contents of the wok whilst cooking, in order to even the cooking of the dish, always pick the whole wok up, shake, and then set down. Do not rattle the wok on your induction surface as this will cause scratches on the hob. Always use a trivet to save worktop surfaces, as woks can get extremely hot.

Who is Ken Hom?

Ken Hom is acknowledged as one of the world's leading experts on authentic Chinese and Asian cooking. Not only is he passionate about using high-quality ingredients, but also highly effective cookware and accessories. This commitment to great flavour and quality is why the Ken Hom wok range is one of the world's longest lasting brand names in cookware. Ken has been working with DKB Household to manufacture great quality cookware since 1986. Every single product across all the ranges are tried by Ken himself to ensure only the best products are produced with his seal of approval. This is in conjunction with his regular TV appearances, writing over 35 cookery books and also working as an ambassador of the Great British Food campaign with the government to help showcase the best Britain has to offer. In 2009, Ken was awarded Officer of the Order of the British Empire for service to the Culinary Arts and honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Chopsticks event. Over 7 million of Ken Hom's Woks have been sold internationally to happy customers.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, if you are interested in ordering a large quantity of items you may qualify for volume pricing discounts. Volume Discount Pricing is a great way for customers to save big on large, bulk orders on most items available in our store. Please send a bulk order request to our friendly sales staff so they may create a quote and provide personal service for your order! 

Is my wok induction safe?

KH320001U   - not induction compatible due to thickness of steel

KH431001U   - induction compatible

KH430006U   - induction compatible 

KH436003U   - induction compatible

Ken Hom’s carbon steel woks are guaranteed for a period of 2 years and the stainless steel woks are guaranteed for 5 years, from date of purchase,

providing all instructions above are followed



How can I place an order with Ken Hom?

Orders can only be placed online via our website. We do not have the ability to take orders by phone, email or mail order.

How long will it take me to get my order?

We aim to ship orders from our warehouse within 2 business days after you have completed your order. Some addresses not within mainland USA or in remote areas may take longer. Overall, please allow 3-5 days to receive your order from the date of your order confirmation.

*Please note: We do not ship to P.O. Box addresses. All shipping addresses must be a physical address.

What happens if my shipment shows delivered but I do not have it?

 Please allow 24 hours from the date the package shows delivered before reporting the package as lost or stolen. Please check with all family members and neighbors to verify no one else has received the package on your behalf. If package has not been located after 24 hours, please contact us so that an investigation can be started and a replacement can be sent via “Signature Required.”



DKB Household is confident that our products are manufactured to the highest quality and want to ensure our customers are always satisfied.



DKB Household warrants Carbon Steel Woks for 10 years, Non Stick Aluminum Woks for 5 years and Non-Stick Carbon Steel Wok’s for 2 years, with normal use. Please be sure to take care in seasoning, cleaning and storing your Wok properly to prevent rust from forming.

To fill out a warranty request, click here.

Please upload pictures of your product and an image of your sales receipt to show proof of purchase. Without proof of purchase your warranty claim may be denied.

*In the event the item has been discontinued, we will send a similar item or issue a gift card to be used on our website for the manufacture’s retail value.

To fill out a warranty request, click here.

*If we determine your item is covered under warranty we may request the item be returned to our facility. If the item must be returned to our facility the consumer is responsible for shipping cost to our facility.


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