"Many people ask me what my most used item in the kitchen is. My answer is always the same - the Wok - simply because that's really all you need."

Carbon Steel Woks

Offer excellent heat conduction for high heat, high speed cooking - essential elements for stir frying.

Ken Hom Woks Cookware

Stir-fry cooking has never been easier!

Ken Hom OBE is a Chinese-American chef, author, and television host for BBC-TV as well as many others. He is recognized as one of the world's leading experts in authentic Chinese and Asian cooking. In 2009, Ken was awarded Officer of the Order in the British Empire for service to the Culinary Arts and honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Chopsticks event. Over 8 million Ken Hom Woks (one of the oldest branded cookware in the world) have been sold worldwide to happy customers thanks in part to Ken's commitment to deliver products that showcase superior quality and functionality.

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The Master Of Asian Cuisine.
cooking wok from master asian chef ken hom

Benefits Of The Ken Hom Classic & Excellence Woks

Made From Carbon Steel With A Long Lasting Non-Stick Coating.

Ken Hom Woks

Long-Lasting Endurance

Hard-wearing coating from Whitford, one of the most trusted in the industry.

Lightweight & Durable

Heavy-duty gauge aluminum provides durability but is lightweight for active cooking.

High Temp With Less Oil

Carbon steel offers great heat conduction for fast cooking and even heat distribution.

Flat Base Design

Well-balanced and will not topple over. Safe for use on either gas or electric stovetop.

ken hom wok the better cooking pan

Other Brands

Scratches & Discoloration

Other woks may be easily scratched by metal utensils or discolor under high heat.

Harder To Handle

Cast iron woks usually weigh more and are bulky making cooking more tedious.

Poor Heat Distribution

Other woks may cook slower and can have uneven temperature changes.

Food Sticks & Hard To Clean

More oil may be needed to keep food from sticking to the pan.

Customer Reviews

This Ken Hom wok is fantastic and is the perfect size for cooking family meals or entertaining guests. The non stick coating is great - I barely need to use any oil or stir constantly. The wok feels well made and sturdy, and the wooden handles add an authentic touch to the design. It's not too heavy so is easy to use and move around the kitchen. It is also easy to clean - a great product.

DaniiLA Ken Hom Excellence Wok

I have used this wok to make a variety of meals over the past month and I am very happy that the food does not stick to the pan. Due to the non stick coating on the wok, I am able to use less oil in the cooking which is great for my healthy eating lifestyle. When washing the pan, the food slides off the pan so I do not need to do any scrubbing. The pan is not too heavy. It balances very well when on the hob. The wooden handle makes it easy to handle whilst cooking and the ring at the end of the handle means I can hang it up to store it. I am very pleased with this wok.

R0531YN Ken Hom Classic Wok

The details for this product on the website match its performance exactly. This small wok is an excellent addition to my kitchen and has been used almost daily since it arrived. It certainly makes stir-frying easy, is light, cooks more quickly and efficiently than other woks I have used in the past and is easy to clean. Because I stir fry a lot - and time and taste are always of the essence - I find that this wok cooks through well, leaving a crispness to vegetables of all kinds, ensuring the food is wonderfully flavoursome and very, very healthy. A joy to use.

Lesley1 Ken Hom Mini Wok

I am very impressed with Ken Hom's wok! It's solid, heavy, strong and looks great. It's also very large and as a family of 5 it's perfect for cooking the family stir fry meal. We've only used it once but already engaged the family to ask what different stir fry's they want each week. It will certainly become part of our weekly meals. Would I recommend, definitely!

Shayney Ken Hom Classic Wok

I received this wok a couple of weeks back and I have already used it quite a few times. It is lighter that I was expecting and so, quite easy to use. The second handle makes it even easier to use during cooking, washing, everything! I have made stir fries, noodles, fish even an omelette and everything turned out delicious. Nothing sticks and the wok is not scratched.

eiriniD Ken Hom Excellence Non-stick Wok
Celebrity Chef, Author & TV Personality

Ken Hom Cooks His Classic Stir Fry

Ken Hom is acknowledged as one of the world's leading experts on authentic Chinese and Asian cooking. Not only is he passionate about using high quality ingredients, but also highly effective cookware to help give every stir-fry amazing flavour.